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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weird War #39

A little three page gem from Weird War Tales, issue #39. The story is by the great Jack Oleck, artwork is by P. Kirchner and T. Blaisdell.

As always the pages of the story are in order from top to bottom. Simply click on the page for the hi-res image...

As with all Jack Oleck stories there seems to be some basis in fact for this tale, and the reality is in many ways more interesting than fiction. There really was a German U-Boat designated U-235. It was apparently sunk once by US bombs and returned to action only to be accidently sunk by German torpedos on April 14th, 1945. The source for this assertion is German records and oddly, the wreck has never been found... Some believe the sinking was a ruse and the boat was actually used to smuggle gold bullion out of Germany at wars end to support German war criminals exiled in Argentina.